Kimmo Sahlman was born in Carelia, in Finland, near the Russian border. After living 20 years in Sweden, he settled down in a little French village in 1992 where he developed his technique and style. In 2002 he came to Andalusia to get some new roots, enjoy a better climate and find others inspirations. Kimmo has been represented in the Fine Art Museum in Lahti and in Joensuu (Finland). One can find his works in different private or public collections in Finland, Sweden, USA or in France, as well in company collections and, of course in numerous private homes. He's mentioned in the Dictionnaire des Arts Plastiques Modernes et contemporains, ed. Gründ, Paris. In 2007 Kimmo got the price Lorenzo il Magnifico from the Biennale International of Contemporary Art in Florence, Italy.

Kimmo’s work seems naive but it isn't at all. Apart from an overwhelming imagination and inspiration which is brilliant due to its richness and its simplicity, Kimmo has formed along the years a solid technique which leads his artwork, for example in his varied still-lifes. A particular dominion of oils, acrylics, varnishes and gold leaf, fine brushes, solvents and paintbrushes permit him to produce luminous, elegant artwork. The gesture is nearly monastic (moreover Kimmo sometimes reunites himself with orthodox icons from his childhood) full of concentration. The work is slow and meditated. The Finnish critics classify Kimmo's work as Mystic realism. In effect nobody can miss it : the mystery is there, which submerges us in a nearly religious reflection. The portraits are precise, beautiful; everything is painted with a certain sophistication which develops slowly. (Jérôme Lamy)



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1991 Galerie Pan - Stockholm (Sweden) 1992 Galerie Nordberg - Stockholm (Sweden) 1994 Galerie Star - Helsinki (Finland) 1995 Suomi Galerie - Stockholm (Sweden) 1996 Espace Culturel La Pléiade - Commentry (France) 1996 Maison d'Auvergne - Paris (France) 1997 Galerie Liliane François - Paris (France) 1997 Casino de Néris les Bains (France) 1997 Suomi Galerie - Stockholm (Sweden) 1997 Galerie Cerf Art - Paris (France) 1997 Galerie Empreintes - Paris (France) 1998 Galerie Art Halvare - Oulu (Finland) 1998 Galerie Empreintes - Paris (France) 1998 Telakka,- Tampere (Finland) 1998 Galerie ZaZa - Helsinki (Finland) 1998 Mezz'art - Montluçon (France) 1998 Galerie Behzâd Benam - Murat (France) 1998 Galerie Cerf'Art - Paris (France) 1999 Suomi Galerie - Stockholm (Sweden) 1999 Galerie Art Halvare - Oulu (Finland) 1999 Musée des Beaux Arts - Raahe (Finland) 1999 Beautiful Galerie - Montluçon (France) 1999 y 2000 GMAC Paris Bastille (France) 2000 Galerie Mikado - Luxemburg 2000 Galerie AVA - Le Cap (South Africa) 2001 Art Fontis - Montluçon (France) 2001 GMAC Paris Bastille (France) 2002 La Pléiade Centre culturel - Commentry (France) 2002 Musée d'Art Contemporain - Montluçon (France) 2003 Sylvis Galleri - Stockholm (Sweden) 2003 Galeria Mondrian- Almuñécar (Spain) 2004 Centre culturel La Pléiade - Commentry (France) 2004 Galeria Mondrian- Almuñécar ( Spain) 2005 Galeria Mondrian- Amuñécar (Spain) 2006 Sylvis Galleri - Stockholm (Sweden) 2006 Galerie Art Halvare - Oulu (Finland) 2007 Galerie Jerkim - Almuñecar (Spain) 2007 Biennale internationale d'art contemporain - Florence (Italy) 2008 Galleria Mentana - Florence (Italy) 2008 Hovinkartanon Taidekeskus - Hauho (Finland) 2008 Galeria Halvare - Oulu (Finland)